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Our Achievements in Slnee

launched in 2010

Slnee launched in 2010 as an innovative and incubated pilot project from Bader Incubator at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. It was launched as a leading national company with an international presence that represents the incubator and company within the IT sector. Delnee was able to transform from an embraced company into a contributing element in highlighting the Kingdom's knowledge and technology.
In 2015, with the generous recognition of His Excellency the President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Slnee achieved a unique contribution to the localization of technology and the Kingdom's excellence in digital transformation internationally. In 2016, Slnee won the Arab Business Organization Award as the best IT company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The leaders of Slnee Company, in partnership with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), initiated the establishment of the accelerator of the national software and technology industry to be the most specialized in the sector and the first of its kind.

Talents and competencies

Exceptional and unique experiences

We work at Slnee to build and manufacture human resources and sustainable minds through our IT expertise to meet the development challenges and meet the growing demand within the sector.

So Slnee relies on a range of pioneering achievements, exceptional and unique experiences, ensuring quality and speed of delivery to achieve the strategic objectives of its partners and reach all its beneficiaries optimally through our integrated service.

Some of these achievements are:

HR System
(Onaiza Municipality)
Engineers Authority
Systems (ERP)
Al Ahsa Smart
Personnel System for
Military Works
Events Portal
(Amana Jazan)
Staff Portal
Internal Indicators
Panel (Jazan)
Application of Jazan
Application of
Al-Ahsa Secretariat
Application of
Municipality of Onaiza
Internal Employees Portal (Municipality of Onaiza)
Internal operational system for military works
Management of the content of the internal system of military