The Services

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Establishing project management offices through which it is possible:

  • Manage portfolio projects by forming a team of program managers who have the ability to manage several related projects simultaneously and allocate resources to them.
  • Evaluation, control and follow-up of each project (cost, achievement of objectives and achievement of corporate strategies)
  • Project Support: Support and guidance to project management teams
  • Issuing a periodic report on the status of projects and submitting any recommendations required by the development of projects to senior management.
  • Develop and apply project management methodology based on leading practices around the world.
  • Monitor project performance and provide support and expertise when needed.
  • Follow up the development and operation of the systems available at the institution.
  • Participate with the Strategic Planning Department in balancing, updating and monitoring the different levels of the strategic plan.
  • Save and manage lessons learned from previous projects.

All the services are delivered professionally and with competent. Through the Saudi and foreign hands of high efficiency and professionalism, we build on the high experience in implementing a huge number of government gates and work on its operation and continue to develop its services and the content contained therein and its continuous support.

The success of projects

Indicators of success of the office depends primarily on the success of projects:

  • Reach the desired goals
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders
  • Not exceeding the cost parameters and time constraints
  • Measuring the return effect
  • CV - EV - CPI - SPI High Maturity Ratio
  • Progress rate in the strategic plan
  • Success rate of strategic objectives
  • Extent of use of EPM
  • Measuring the performance of management and operations
  • Measuring the performance of employees
  • Measuring instrument: paper forms, dashboard programs, EPM Tools