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Gateways and services

Slnee works on many modern and advanced services for the establishment of web portals for government and commercial entities, depending on the best technologies used by the leading international companies such as Microsoft and Oracle (gold partners):
- Design and development of web portals
- Content management development
- Integration with internal systems
- Developing mobile versions

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Slnee offers a range of services specializing in technology Information Establishment of project management offices through which:
- Manage portfolio projects by forming a team of managers Programs that have the ability to manage several related projects in Time allocation of resources.
- Evaluate, monitor and monitor each project (cost and achievement of goals) And the achievement of enterprise strategies)
- Project Support: Support and guidance for project management teams.
- ...

Establishment of management offices projects
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Enterprise resource planning systems

Slnee provides services and advice in the field of planning the institutions ( ERP) through a specialized team of experienced engineers High technical advisors have the highest level of understanding for the properties ERP systems and Gulf market specificities. We also build our services And our consulting in the area of ​​ERP using ERP technology odoo (one of the most successful and best systems in the world in the field of institutions Project Management Systems ODOO is a comprehensive program The only integrated in the world that has a very large number Of the integrated subsystems which extend from about 400 built-in systems 6000 subsystems have been developed by agents in about 120 countries around

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Slnee offers the development and programming of all kinds of mobile applications With publishing it on the stores and follow-up and work on the Screen's design in a professional and distinctive way where we guarantee the high quality on all browsers and sizes as we also work on Develop pages for special control, alert systems, pages and receive Messages and follow-up updates or application outputs.
 We strive to achieve our goals and ambitions of better application's development for smartphones in all service and economic fields In social and commercial sectors, as we aim at                                                              Through this effort, we are using our mobile applications And serve the aspirations of our customers through electronic services And use the high potential to be compatible with applications on All kinds of devices ...

Develop smart phone apps
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Maintenance services and technical support

Slnee provides maintenance and technical support services when any contracts are signed for a large number of governmental and commercial entities, which makes us distinguished in this field. Starting from the time of receipt of the project, and we offer the service either by e-mail or telephone, in addition to the possibility of providing the service through the use of the latest technologies in remote access where the specialist diagnoses the problem and contribute to solve with Customer directly.

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Our goal is to achieve higher maturity levels for e-transactions in Governmental organizations and to cooperate with them to achieve the desired objectives, such as harmonization of business and IT strategies for the entity with the National transition strategy to e-transactions or the development of participation Information and better utilization of available resources and skills This is through participation in the name of Saudi Arabia (odoo experience 2017) and participate in the GITEX 2015 event - 2016 - 2017) which reinforces the policy and direction of Slnee Provide technical consulting service to work realistically away from Theoretical complexity, which does not serve the goals and directions So we do a lot of tasks and concrete steps Guarantee the customer to achieve the desired minimum cost and the fastest possible time ...

Consulting and support Transformation for electronic transactions

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Company Slnee Saudi Arabia is the leading IT company through its integrated services that meet the needs of the government sector and the business sector.

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