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An Saudi company and one of the first technical companies specialized in innovating best business solutions.

Slnee Story: Since 2010, Slnee was established as a pilot project in Badir Technology Incubators and then has become one of the most effective Saudi companies through its capabilities, technical outputs and successful partnerships with major agencies.

Now, Slnee is the first partner in the development of governments and private sectors that serves KSA in its 2030 vision for digital transformation in adapting ERP systems.

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  • نظام سرب SERP

    نظام سرب SERP

    نظام تطبيقات متكامل لإدارة الأعمال والأنشطة اليومية الخاصة بالمؤسسات والجهات الحكومية، شامل للعديد من التطبيقات التي تعمل بتكاملية عالية والمرتبطة فيما بينها بقاعدة بيانات مركزية كإدارة الموارد البشرية، الاتصالات الإدارية والأرشفة، المحاسبة والمالية،التصنيع، إدارة المشتريات والمبيعات وإدارة المشاريع وغيرها من التطبيقات التي تحتاجها أي منظمة حكومية لتنظيم أعمالها بالكفاءة المطلوبة وتسهيل أداء المهام اليومية واتخاذ القرارات الإدارية المهمة.

  • Business Plus System

    Business Plus System

    Based on Oracle ADF technology, allows you to follow up the project’s cycle from basics and compatible with customers polices.

  • Smart Enterprise Project Management

    Smart Enterprise Project Management

    Provides you the best technical solution to manage projects in a smart and supportive manner.

  • Administrative communication system

    Administrative communication system

    Aims to make administrative works automated in governmental and private sectors, to process and follow up and archive transactions for the beneficiaries electronically

  • Electronic Archiving System

    Electronic Archiving System

    To manage and store your physical documents physically via simple interface working with all platforms.

  • Enjazati system

    Enjazati system

    Built with the latest technologies and combines all aspects of project management from project configurations to go-live.

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  • KSA

    (+966) 0112166668

    (+966) 0504197779

    Khurais Branch Rd, Al Manar, Riyadh 14212

  • Tunisia

    +216 71 702 402

    89 bis Habib Bourguiba Street, Ariana 2080

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